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Flexographic printing is a capable of achieving high quality printed images at high production speeds, it is capable in making production lead time shorter, it a popular choice in the label printing industries, especially for long run job. This multi-station machine has higher flexibility in combination of printing processes including cold foil stamping, laminating and die-cutting,

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Letterpress printing is a form of relief printing, where the text or image is on a raised surface, similar to a rubber stamp. Ink is applied to the raised surface and then paper is pressed directly against it to transfer the text or image. Letterpress printing is loved by many for leaving a tactile and visual impression into the paper.

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Digital Print is a method of printing from a digital-based directly, it uses digital or electronic files from a personal computer or other digital storage device as a source. The possibilities of digital print technology are limitless and provide immense potential for short run job in a continually changing market. Digital printing also offers crisp, photographic quality graphics as well as the ability to print variable data, barcodes and variable text. This makes them ideal for printing competition labels, promotional designs and proofs or trial runs.


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