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Durability, reliability and digital integration. These are the guidelines we follow by heart all the time when it comes to producing your logistic waybill stickers. Our priority is to ensure that our pressure-sensitive logistic waybill stickers have the ability to travel around the world while affixed to products, barrels, cartons or pallets and reach their destination safely and in prime condition.


When it comes to storage and warehousing, labels can experience fluctuations in temperature and humidity when stored both indoors and outdoors. Over time, such conditions can damage the label and make them unreadable. Our label materials are specially developed also for long-term storage and warehousing - helping to protect the information on the label even in extreme conditions.  


Our expertise in this area covers a wide array of variable data printing that is designed to help you track your items throughout the logistics process. Some of these include:

l   Barcode tracking labels (Track and Trace)

l   Sequentially numbered and barcoded labels

l   Fully customized logistic labels

l   Warehouse labels

l   Racking labels

l   Hazard Labels

l   Fragile Labels 


For example, a barcode system greatly improves inventory management and tracking while increasing efficiency and operational speed. Barcodes are vital in logistic and warehouse management. Having a scannable and readable barcode is equally important. Our company provides quality label stickers on carton boxes for easy identification and tracking. These labels are custom-made for easy scanning. We can also provide sequential barcode printing with running numbers for your logistic needs.


Today’s booming e-commerce and logistics industries are changing how we package, label and ship products. The demand for quick, cost-effective and traceable logistics solutions is growing. However, logistics and e-commerce labels are prone to significant wear and tear during their lifespan. Selecting the right label material is crucial to protecting the information and keeping the package flowing efficiently along the chain until the final destination.  Talk to our experts  to discover the best label solution for your logistics operation.

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