Food & Beverage Product Stickers


Producing excellent food and beverage product stickers have been one of Chooexpress Label’s forte in the sticker label industry. We fully comprehend that our food labels play an indispensable role in influencing the sale of your F&B products. As a result, we place utmost priority on maintaining a clean and hygienic environment while making sure our working etiquette is in line with the ISO standards. Another essential aspect in this market segment is to reduce the minimum level of ink/smell migration onto your products. To counteract this problem, Chooexpress Label invests a significant amount of resources into the Research and Development team that aids in conducting tests in order to fulfill the strict regulations from worldwide bodies.


In addition, we believe design will play the biggest role in the success of an F&B label. A good F&B  label has colors that pop and great graphics that speak to the brand image. F&B labeling is all about shelf appeal and today’s brand owners are trying to capture a certain look. With only seconds to persuade potential customers, the labels on bottles and cans are just as important as the content inside. 

Our F&B product labels include but are not limited to:

l   Palm Oil

l   Juices

l   Sport Drinks

l   Frozen Food

l   Fruits and Vegetables

l   Mineral Water

l   Beer, Wine & Spirits

l   Sauces and Condiments


Our professionalism and attention to detail are what separates us from the rest of the market players. We promise to work hand in hand from the design stage all the way to the delivery stage in order to deliver a satisfactory product for you. Get in touch with one of our team today to find out more.

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